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Why Choose Us

I think people should choose Family and Implant Dentistry of Arvada for the services that we can provide from the simple to the complex. When I see a new patient, I have no idea whether there is no need for treatment, some treatment, or if there is some serious issues that they may not even know about that they may want to know about and deal with. When I see a new patient, I’ll start out – we’ll talk a little bit about where they want to be, what are their concerns, what have they been told in the past that they might want to deal with and haven’t yet, or just from there what are their goals looking ten years out.

When I sit down then and start to do my exam, I start on the outside. I start with the jaw joint, seeing if there’s any issues going on there, that’s really the center of adjustability, if they want to accomplish some things or there’s some problems there, we have to know where we’re at with the jaw joint, and the chewing system first. I’ll then start to look at muscles, palpate, see if there’s tenderness, ask them some questions about if there is tenderness, how long has it been there, what’s the intensity, are there headaches, can you eat the things that you want, has there been trauma, different things like that. We’ll then move inside to the mouth, check a few more muscles there and then we’ll start to assess the teeth themselves. During the process, we’re looking for teeth that are stable or not stable. Are they fractured, do they have big fillings in them, are they heavily worn. These are all signs that something is going on and that if the patient tells me they want to keep their teeth their whole life, then we better start to at least think about addressing those things and they need to know where they’re at. Then I can start to give them some recommendations from there.

Before that process, my hygienist has gathered a lot of information. We use a lot of digital photographs. We’ve also done a full periodontal screening so we know what the gum situation is. What are we looking at as far as stability there, or are we looking at a disease process that is a problem that needs to be dealt with or could be a stumbling block to the patient’s long term goals and health.

With so many dental practices to choose from, Denver area residents depend on Family and Implant Dentistry of Arvada for an experience that is truly unique. This is a place where comprehensive dental care and luxury come together. Our welcoming staff treats you like family, and our doctor listens carefully to your concerns. Whether it’s a simple toothache or temporomandibular joint disorder, Drs. Pollack and Phan can end discomfort and give you the smile of your dreams.

To start off, we don’t do any mercury fillings at all. We deal more in the biological realm of things, we’re using composites and porcelains, if a person needs to just have some basic things done where it’s just some decay removal, we’ll use composite fillings for that. If it’s a little more complex, the tooth is broken down, maybe there is some fractures, a big filling; we can then go to a porcelain crown to help protect the tooth, and not only have it look nice but it’s strengthened up and strong.

The TMD and then the headaches, we have a series of protocol that we use to help people, we try to diagnose the problem and help them through and figure out what type of treatment they’re going to be needing, and then from there, what type of dentistry they might need to help them stabilize that and make them comfortable for hopefully the rest of their lives.

We also do some implant dentistry, where we might have patients that come in and they really don’t have much that’s healthy that’s left there, and their best option is to go to what we call an “all on six”, where they have their teeth completely supported by dentures that are fixed in place and they function as their own. That’s kind of an option that’s become something that we do more and more.

We also deal with patients that maybe everything is broken down, all their teeth are broken down, they do have some issues with the gums to clean up and we can do that, but their teeth are still good and we can figure out how do we get those teeth so they’re going to be strong, healthy and comfortable for the rest of their lives, so that would be more of a complete restorative plan for them.

Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge Care

Our practice is one of the few in the area offering comprehensive cosmetic and family dentistry in one convenient location. From routine care to a complicated dental procedure, we do everything in-­house so you don’t have to see different doctors. Dr. Pollack and Dr. Phan provides preventive and restorative care, TMJ Disorder and headache management, cosmetic treatments, full mouth reconstruction, and implant dentistry.

Drs. Pollack and Phan uses cutting edge technology and techniques (including laser cavity detection with DIAGNOdent, intra oral cameras, digital X­-rays and imaging, and laser dentistry) to make procedures faster, more accurate, and more comfortable.

Our atmosphere is kind of set up at Family and Implant Dentistry of Arvada, and the idea there is we not only have spa services that are available, but the idea was to make it a very comfortable and attractive place to come in to and not, oh no – going into the dental office and having the typical smell and the reaction when you come in.

I think the usual reaction that we get from people is they walk off the elevator and come in and go, wow this is nice! I really like it. And they get an ease from that and being greeted by our team, that this is a comfortable place to be, I like it here.

Luxury Spa Experience

You deserve the best care possible in an environment where you can relax. Let your worries slip away at Family and Implant Dentistry of Arvada. Our staff members will greet you with a smile and make sure that you are comfortable and ready for your appointment. We have soft blankets, neck pillows, new spa offerings, and other comfort options to help you relax even further. Let us know how you are feeling and we will happily accommodate your needs.

Out in Colorado, there’s a lot of concern about health that really isn’t as focused in other areas.
The practice that I started with when I first moved out here, the doctor was really into biological dentistry, and that’s basically not using metals, no amalgam, the mercury fillings, taking those out safely for people and practicing in ways like that that kept people’s allergies and different things down.

That really was appealing and then bringing my abilities with full restorative dentistry, so when somebody has a broken down mouth, being able to restore that, and being able to use the biological concepts, the functional concepts that I had learned, really put things together. Bringing that in here, in this practice when I moved here, is really heavy cosmetics; so doing some of those cosmetics but also applying the biologic, the functional, it was really a great meld and something I’ve really looked forward to doing for a long time.

Unique Services

Family and Implant Dentistry of Arvada offers complete full mouth reconstruction, TMD and headache treatment, and MediSpa services. You can also cosmetically enhance your beauty with have one of our age-reversing facials. Our practice is also a one stop shop for dental implant procedures.

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