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Also Serving: Denver, Boulder, and Lafayette.


We appreciate our patients’ feedback about the care they receive at Sage Dentistry of Arvada formerly Foothills Dental Spa, here in Arvada, CO. We have so many patients tell us they have been able to overcome their fears of going to the dentist because the doctors are such gentle and caring professionals. They have also been impressed with how we listen and treat each individual as a friend, addressing their unique concerns and helping them achieve excellent oral health. Click on the videos below to listen to what some of our patients have to say about their experiences with our office.

  • Richard Miller

    I’ve been coming here for as long as their practice has been open in the ...

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  • Buffy Dindinger

    I had a lot of dental trauma when I was little, from dentists that ...

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  • Lauren Svoboda

    They have different techniques that not everyone is aware of or utilizing ...

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  • Ingrid Milinazzo

    Dr. Wilkin’s new office is really nice. Foothills Dental Spa is an ...

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  • Ann Fletcher

    There are really two main reasons why I decided to have veneers. The first ...

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  • Gene Fletcher

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Wilkins as my dentist for approximately about ten ...

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  • Bryan Gannon

    One of the things that I really enjoy about coming here is just the ...

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  • TJ Johnson

    When I get in, I’m ready to go, I’m never waiting around and I just ...

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  • Janet Clifton

    He’s just very, very good. My daughter comes in here as well and she ...

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  • Deanna Bowe

    I feel like Dr. Wilkin actually wants to fix the overall person, more than ...

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  • Jill Yates

    Dr. Wilkin has been tremendous since he very first came in and I have had ...

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  • Siegfried Seemann

    About two years ago, here at Dr. Wilkin’s office, they discovered that I ...

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  • Susan Seemann

    I feel that Dr. Wilkin is very confident. He does a very good job and ...

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  • Joyce Scharrel

    I’ve had multiple fillings throughout my life so fear wasn’t really ...

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  • Kara Gillam

    I’ve been a patient here for quite a while. I’ve had some pretty ...

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  • Toni Langedyk

    I know that Dr. Wilkin has integrity, that he cares about the patients. I ...

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  • John Cutshall

    It’s a comfortable place to be. They take care of me. Unlike many other ...

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  • Kent Micho

    The real thing behind it for me is it’s just comfortable. It’s a known ...

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  • Beverly Fernald

    Before I saw him, these teeth down here were very worn down. They don’t ...

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  • Dr. Deepa Vyas

    I’m Dr. Deepa Vyas. I have an orthodontic practice downstairs from Dr. ...

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  • Michelle Cuscaden

    I have worked in the building since the building opened downstairs at the ...

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  • Caitlin Small

    I love coming to Foothills Dental Spa because it feels like a spa. I never ...

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  • Jeana Dodge

    I first initially came here on a recommendation of a friend of mine who ...

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  • Patient Testimonial

Love my hygienist! Everyone is very friendly, very competent and the office is comfortable and clean. I think price are slightly higher than others, but service is great.

- Anonymous

Past bad experiences at the dentist had kept me away from making an appointment with a dentist for over twenty years. This time I had no choice due to a very painful broken tooth. Immediately upon entering office and after meeting the staff at Foothills I felt comfortable. From the front desk to the seat in the dreaded chair and out the entire process was very professional and accommodating. I plan to return and get back on track with regular visits to Foothills Dental Spa. Thank you!

- Jeffrey Lauck

Jamie is the best! No one more genuinely friendly, gentle and thorough. Dr. Wilkin has a warm presence and I know my care is top priority. They both have that magic touch!

- Jennifer Nuncio

I always receive the best dental care at Foothills. Everyone there is a professional. The offices are attractive; you are offered water, tea, hot chocolate or coffee while you wait to see your dental tech or dentist. I like being able to see the same staff, people who are familiar with my dental needs. All my questions are answered and if I need a specialist, they recommend one immediately and the specialists I have seen are also excellent. I would recommend Foothills Dental Spa without reservation.

- Marion Rex

Always feel welcome and very much taken care if. End results are great. Thank you.

- Vicki C